Streamlining Your Next Remodel Project: An Electrician’s Take

As an expert electrician, we understand the importance of timelines and safety throughout each phase of your remodeling project. It’s important to give yourself a large enough buffer to include inspections times as well as long lead times for contractors with schedules often months out. 

**It’s important to note that each of these steps, especially steps 3 and 4 may require more attention than what is listed and these steps often repeat more than once for larger or more complex projects. For example, a full rewiring project with new walls will require an inspection after underground conduit and wiring, rough-in, and after sheetrock and paint.  NECA electrical standards require inspections at each step.  Proper permitting and inspections will help ensure quality safe projects for your home.**

  1. Planning Phase – 1 week

During the planning phase, it is important to make sure you consult with all of the contractors involved in your project. Consult with our electricians and other contractors who understand the bigger picture and are willing to set up the next team for success. 

Our electricians will come out and inspect during this phase. We provide an accurate quote for the entire project making sure that when all the work is done, there are no surprises. Our team will evaluate your existing system, determine your finished remodel’s load capacity, make upgrade recommendations and design a comprehensive electrical plan tailored to your project. 

  1. Electrical Permit Acquisition – 1-7 Days

Our team at Vertechs will take care of submitting electrical plans and other required documents to the local permitting offices. Our team is familiar with all Washington state and Clark County regulations to expedite this step in the process. 

  1. Rough-In Wiring – 1-2 Weeks

Once the permit is obtained, rough-in wiring can begin. This involves installing wires, outlets, switches, and other components before any new or old walls are closed up. Coordination between other contractors/trades is important to ensure that no time is wasted and trades are not restricted by other contractors.

  1. Electrical Inspection – 1 Week

After the rough-in, our team will schedule an electrical inspection in accordance with state guidelines and your schedule. A licensed inspector will assess all installations in compliance with NEC and local electrical codes. Our team can often get an inspector out within 48 hours.

  1. Finalization – 1 Week

Once the electrical inspection has been completed and passed, the final additions can be installed, including light fixtures, outlets, switches and other electrical devices. This phase starts to bring your vision to life. It is important to communicate any additions you may have decided to add since step 1. 

  1. Final Inspection – 1-2 Weeks 

After all work has been completed, the state of Washington requires a final inspection. Our team will coordinate the inspection. Once it passes your project is done on the electrical side of your project. It is important to invite our team out once more after all is said and done to ensure your home is safe upon move in and full use. 

Vertechs Electric offers a yearly inspection to make sure you have the piece of mind knowing your home is safe year after year. Call one of our service advisors to discuss your next remodel project today!

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