Retrofit Lighting 101: Update and Upgrade!

Retrofit Lighting


Introduction to Retrofit Lighting

Half of all American homeowners are currently living in a home they purchased and 61% are choosing to renovate rather than sell.  Even though it’s one of the biggest sections in home improvement stores, one of the most underestimated home accents is lighting. The easiest way for consumers to benefit from current lighting advancements is to retrofit the current lighting systems in their home or office. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean breaking out the platforms and reinstalling the disco ball. Retrofitting simply means adding a part or component to a fixture that wasn’t there before. Normally, the only thing that a homeowner is worried about when it comes to their interior lights is if they actually turn on. Not to dismiss the core value of electricity, but with all of the money-saving retrofit options available today, home lighting should be seen as an investment rather than a cost. Follow along to learn more about retrofit lighting and how it can work for you! 

Installing Retrofit Recessed Lighting

Installing retrofit lighting for any area, whether interior or exterior, is one of the easiest ways to save money and increase space engagement. The most common retrofitted lights today are recessed, or can lights. This process takes the housing and bulb and places them above the ceiling drywall. Recessed lights are supported in two different ways. Remodeled retrofit fixtures use clips that adhere to the existing drywall or plaster. These fixtures are second to new construction fixtures because depending on the condition of the drywall, the fixture can shake loose and give way. New construction fixtures are more popular when retrofitting as they are screwed or nailed to the ceiling joists, ensuring stability even if there is movement inside the home.  
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LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit: Sustainable & Efficient! 

Looking toward the future, it’s important to consider making home improvement options more environmentally friendly, and LED bulbs are lighting the way! Lasting longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs, these little gems shine brighter than most traditional bulbs and require less maintenance. By retrofitting lights for LED bulbs, individuals can upgrade and update the look of any space within minutes. Although the ROI for switching to LED could be up to two years, the effect they have on the temperature of the home is immediate. Unlike incandescent or halogen bulbs that utilize 90% of their energy to heat up the bulbs, LED bulbs do not emit heat into the surrounding area.
LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit

Round vs. Square Recessed Lighting Retrofit 

While traditional round, white can lights have been the go-to for portraying a polished appearance, square recessed lights have surpassed their rounded counterparts in the fight for interior design. In addition to their increasingly popular, modern look, with their sharp corners and minimalist design, square recessed lights are easier to retrofit into the ceiling than circle can lights. Since the shape of the hole cut into the ceiling is bigger, it allows for easier installation for the electrician or DIYer. Just like round trim recessed lights, square trim fixtures come in a multitude of styles, each allowing the consumer to dictate style and impact. Popular types of recessed trims include: baffled (softens the light), reflective (enhances the light), adjustable (moves the light), and glass (adds sparkle and character). 
square recessed lighting retrofit

Ready to Install Retrofit Lighting? 

When deciding on the style and quality of your new retrofit recessed lights there are a few important things to consider: 

  • How big is the space where they will be installed? 
  • Is there access through the attic? 
  • Will the housing be in contact with insulation? 
  • What is the height of the ceiling? 
  • How many lights will be installed in that space? 
  • What activities are going to be done under these lights? 
  • Do they need to be dimmable? 

Electrical work can be difficult, dangerous, and time-consuming. The best way to tackle any home improvement project is to plan ahead and ask for help, specifically from professionals. Here at Vertechs, we are ready and willing to help with all things electrical, commercial, or residential. Call us today to find out about our lighting services and what else we can help you with!

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